Laughing children

Little Laughter Leaders

Little Laughter Leaders aims to teach children foundation laughter exercises and have them ‘teach’ others either at home, in their school or in their community. After they have been fully trained and received their certificates, they can go as a group into a community space. This could be anywhere people need more joy, for example, a senior residential home. The children will be trained to be able to run a session teaching others the laughter exercises they know. This could be done as a series of sessions or as one-off on a special day or a time of celebration such as Christmas. The children will be supported during every session by a qualified adult Laughter Leader.

As well as being beneficial for the children’s health and well-being, ‘Little Laughter Leaders’ teaches children that the spirit of laughter yoga is ‘to spread laughter’. Their participation in Little Laughter Leaders will increase confidence, self-esteem and a sense of helping others through spreading joy and laughter! They will be able to experience as well as tell others about the many benefits of laughter.

Matilda often comes home after the sessions & 'teaches' her little sister, her Dad and her Nan all the laughter exercises she has learnt! Parent